Ultra Service and Custom Design

Lillian Lottie Couture goes above and beyond other bridal salons.  Not only do we provide the ultimate in customer service, we also provide expert knowledge and services that can only be called ultra-services.

Custom Design
No where else do brides have the option of custom designing a gown or accessory with the designers themselves.  Many designers don’t even know how to sew and many others are just self-taught in homes on generic machines.  Meghan Lawlor and Jenny Pinto have not only been taught fashion design and construction in formal higher education institutions, but have practical real-world, industry experience with construction, fit, fabrics, design, silhouette, style, trends, etc.

When clients meet with Meghan Lawlor and Jenny Pinto, they are not only designing their gown or accessories with the designers, they are designing with the experts.

Trained Employees
Each Bridal Consultant is trained and educated in fit, silhouette, style, trends, and ambience of wedding attire and events.

On Site Service
Many brides ask for help styling their wedding apparel the day of, as well as to help everyone get dressed and to tie the bustle after the ceremony.

Your bridal consultant can also be present at the event, in the dressing area to assist the bridal party with any styling needs. 

Your bridal consultant can also attend the ceremony and fasten the bustle during and after photos and reception.

Lillian Lottie Couture Arizona